What defines a “tiny house”? Can I build one here in Nova Scotia? Do I need a permit? How can I live in so little space? So many questions…..maybe we can find some answers for you!

A tiny home is a dwelling that is 400 square feet or less in floor area (not including a loft). Considering what our normal standard for a house is in Canada, this is indeed…..tiny.

If you wanted to build one, here in NS; can you?

Well, you sure can. The building code has been updated as of January 2020 to include information on tiny…

Ah, another acronym….well, this one means, Inclusive Design for an Aging Population. And we know that Nova Scotia is certainly an aging population.

What does one need to do to design in this way? What is the benefit for you as a homeowner? Those are frequently asked questions.

By 2030 more than 1 in 4 Nova Scotians will be aged 65 and older! We now have longer life expectancies than ever before (and lower birth rates), so we know the aging population is here to stay.

Think of it this way: if this is your “forever” home, and if you…

Chelsea Wilson

Mother of one, writer for fun! I work with a custom home design company and love to share ideas!

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